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Hi everyone, I'm Madi Hoffman and I am so excited to be Delta Zeta's Vice President of Membership this year! I wanted to share some of the things I have loved about my time in DZ so far. 

I felt drawn to Delta Zeta the moment I met with the different girls in the chapter. DZ has led me to meet some of my best friends and has been such an important part of my collegiate experience.

An open letter to our PNM's

Our values of friendship and empowerment really resonate with me. I know that no matter what is going on in my life I always have my girls to fall back on. With recruitment about to begin, I hope this can help you all remember what you value in your sisterhood and what you want to get out of your time at UCF! My sisters and I cannot wait to meet you!

with love, 

Delta Zee
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