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Our Values


We’re creating a premier membership experience that’s relevant for women. It starts with true friendship, revolves around shared values, and lasts a lifetime.


It’s entirely possible to see a need and do nothing about it. But not here. We spend a lot of our time together working with others to make our communities, and those the world over, better.



Becoming our best self is a lifelong process. It’s part classroom, part life experience. So we prioritize academics and developing life skills. After all, “making the grade” may start in the classroom, but it matters well beyond that.





Given the right development opportunities, each of us can become an effective leader. We can make good decisions and help others get things done.

At the core of our sisterhood, is connection and understanding. The true and lasting relationships are formed strength by our shared values and efforts to show a love that is ever steadfast. 

We’re sensitive to the needs of others and make meeting those needs a priority.

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